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East Allentown-Rittersville
Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Neighborhood associations draw people closer to
their city government and closer still to their fellow
neighbors. Neighborhood participation gives
residents a stronger, united voice

Neighborhood associations are inclusive, reflecting
the diversity, which enriches a community. Members
include families, singles, retired people, youths,
business owners, faith-based organizations,
schools, homeowners, and renters.

Often, neighborhood organizations commissions on
a variety of topics, including:

· Land Use (zone changes,
variances, subdivisions, zoning
· Street development, traffic control
and patterns
· Park, open spaces
· Recreational services
· Library programs
· Budget allocations
· Social services
· Crime prevention
· Capital improvements

Neighborhood associations make it possible for local
residents to have agreater influence over issues,
programs and projects that affect their

They offer a local forum for citizen deliberation of key
issues at the local level and provide a recognized
vehicle for communicating citizen views’ to City Hall
Next Meeting ; December 16, 2013  ----  Speaker to be announced
East Allentown Rittersville
Neighborhood Association


President Dennis Pearson called the regular monthly
meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. on November 18, 2013 at
St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Present:  Three officers (Dennis Pearson, Denton
Kriebel, and Dave Schell) and eleven other neighbors
were present at the meeting.

Dave Schell handed out copies of the minutes of the
meeting of October 21, 2013.  There was one correction
to the minutes—the correct address of the overgrown
property on S. Jerome Street is 7 S. Jerome, not 3 S.
Jerome as described in the minutes.  It was moved and
seconded to approve the minutes as corrected. The
motion carried.

President Pearson noted that EARN received a generous
donation of $100 from the Midway Manor Association for
the lights display.  A letter of thanks will be sent.  The
lights will go up in the near future, again with the
generous assistance of PPL’s bucket truck.  The display
will include a large inflated Siberian Huskie and several
other new inflatable displays.  

(Treasurer Robert Jacoby arrived at the meeting.)  

Pearson read a letter to City Council from Mayor Ed
Pawlowski dated November 1st concerning city
budgetary matters and the new development in the
center city area and the area along the Lehigh River.  

Secretary Dave Schell read an email he had sent to
Phyllis Alexander on November 10th about the Irving
Park tennis courts lights being on all night.  Alexander
forwarded the matter to Rick Holtzman, Superintendent of
Parks, who said that he would see it was taken care of.  
The matter was fixed within a day.

Pearson read several articles concerning East Side
matters from the Morning Call.  Subjects included
disposition of the prostitution charges at Platinum Plus
and various robbery and other crime news from the East

We are continuing to have trouble with oversized trucks
being unable to make the corner of N. Maxwell Street
and E. Gordon Street.  

The old Mosser School at S. Carlisle Street and E. Union
Street appears to have had some of the electrical
hookups disconnected.  It had been used for apartments
and had a fire.  It needs to be rehabilitated before it can
again be occupied.  The neighborhood association will
monitor the situation so that it does not turn into an
abandoned property.  

It was noted that the speed limit monitor on Jerome
Street has been removed.  Additionally, Schell reported
that he received an email following the October meeting
to the effect noting that the city cannot use this for
enforcement purposes.  The unit will record how many
people go past at various speeds, but cannot be used for
individual enforcement by cities in Pennsylvania.

As to the matter of trees that are located on a neighbor’s
land but causing difficulty on one’s own property, we
have been informed by the city that unless trees are
hurting the sidewalks the city has no jurisdiction.  
Additionally, if the tree is cut and dies or topples the
person who did the cutting may be responsible for

There are renovations taking place at the former site of
Tony’s Bar on Union Boulevard.  There is an official
notice on the property, which we will have to investigate.  
There is still a problem with build up of trash and with
tree and shrubbery trimmings on the property, which is
causing a continuing rodent property.  There is also a
large number of Redner’s shopping carts throughout the
neighborhood.  It was suggested that when a person
sees a Redner’s cart he or she calls the store since the
carts are sufficiently costly that the market will send
someone to collect them.  

Jacoby noted that he and Dennis could use some help in
patching and installing the Christmas decorations.  If you
have time to help, please call Dennis.

Question:  Who is responsible for Americans with
Disabilities Act matters in the city?  It was suggested that
the neighbor call Phyllis Alexander for information on
this.  There was also a question as to the size of garbage
containers that are allowed since the city has started
refusing to take a 50-gallon container, saying that it is too
large.  The office of recycling and solid waste can
answer this question, and the information is also on the
city website.  

It was moved that the current officers of the association
be returned to office for 2013-2014.  There was no
objection to the motion and the motion carried.  

There being no further business, adjournment was
moved and seconded, and the meeting adjourned at 8:10


                                            David A. Schell, Secretary