The Road to 2012
JUNE 15, 2011
Venturing into the unknown future ---A  future that      
may or may not come ---Part 1 --- Installment 6

                          Road to 2012 by Dennis L. Pearson

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So as we advance to the election of 2012, President
Obama believes that our broken immigration system can
only be fixed by putting politics aside and offering a
complete solution that secures our border, enforces our
laws, and reaffirms our heritage as a nation of
immigrants. This sounding much like a water-downed
political statement ... A wish in the political polarized
world of the Obama Presidency would be hard to meet ...
He believes our immigration policy should be driven by our
best judgment of what is in the economic interest of the
United States and what is in the best interest of the
American worker. President Obama recognizes that an
orderly, controlled border and an immigration system
designed to meet our economic needs are important
pillars of a healthy and robust economy.

And the following is the means by which the President
intended to accomplish his policy goal
1) Strengthen Border Control
President Obama promised to protect the integrity of our
borders by investing in additional personnel,
infrastructure, and technology on the border and at our
ports of entry.
2) Improve Our Immigration System
President Obama promised to fix the dysfunctional
immigration bureaucracy and enable legal immigration so
that families can stay together.
3) Remove Incentives to Enter Illegally
President Obama promised to remove incentives to enter
the country illegally by preventing employers from hiring
undocumented workers and enforcing the law.
4) Bring People Out of the Shadows
President Obama announced support of  a system that
allowed undocumented immigrants who are in good
standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back
of the line for the opportunity to become citizens.
5) Work with Mexico

President Obama promised to  promote economic
development in Mexico to decrease the economic
desperation that leads to illegal immigration... But how
are you going to keep the Companies down on the farm in
Mexico so to speak when China beckons with the
incentive of lower wages and higher profits?

Sadly, as we begin the new year 2012 terrorists would
like nothing more than to strike our nation again and
again; and Israel continues to be targeted for destruction
by Arab renegade nations despite the peace it made with
the new nation created on its west bank. Then too, the
world is still focused on the continuing weakness of the
present economic situation globally. Therefore the Obama
Administration still bonded with former Clinton
Administration financial expertise seeks to  walk to the
tune of “It’s the economy stupid.”   Unfortunately, the
Obama Administrations long jib has not yet found
continuous fair weather.

For Barrack Obama even the simple task of resigning his
U.S. Senate seat to allow him to consecrate solely on his
transition to office was a source of grief as disgraced
Illinois Governor Blagojevitch thought it was time to play
Chicago politics himself by selling the seat to the one who
made the best offer. Timing is all-important and
remarkably Obama did not show the wisdom to hold off
his necessary resignation until the Electoral College,
which met the first Monday after the second Wednesday
or December 15, 2008, had formally ratified his election.
Scuttlebutt is that the fallout from this affair almost
unseated his top aide Rahm Emmauel and others
because of stories related to their roles they played in the
Blagojevich affair. But as we enter 2012 Emmanuel is
already gone as well as many members of his original
economic team.

With this being said, we direct attention to the 2012
Presidential Election Campaign -----In 2012 four
presidential debates were scheduled ------ The first in
Nairobi, Kenya.... The second in Caracas, Venezuela ...
The third in Teheran, Iran and the Fourth in Jakarta,
Indonesia ... The debates are supervised by the United
Nations Commission on political debates which supervises
all elections of its member nations by a Treaty initialed in
November 2010  and passed by the Democrat Party
Controlled Senate in the United States during a lame duck
session late in 2010 almost without debate. Of course,
one proviso of the Treaty is that member nations must
make all citizens whether Natural born or naturalized
eligible to run for the highest office of that country . A
Second Proviso provides that signatories of the Treaty
must provide for open borders, meaning that we all are
citizens of the world and should be allowed to live where
we want ...The exception to the case being political
dissidents within that country who may be forced to exit
the country despite being citizens if their words and
actions violate any Fairness Doctrine established by that
government. The Third Proviso is to allow all residents in
a community to vote whether citizens or not. The goal of
this treaty is to create an atmosphere for Unity rather
then division. But the obvious that advantage in any
election goes to the party that can bring the most
undocumented voters to the polls on election day and the  
message inherent  in the Treaty is do it my way or take a

Incidentally, the sites of 2012 Presidential Debates are
the summer, winter, spring and fall White Houses of
Incumbent President Barrack Hussein Obama. Fact is,
the main White House in Washington D.C., now referred
to as the Ayers House, is rarely visited now a days since
the Congressional elections of 2010 except for Official
purposes as the Obama Administration in a sense of
fairness and equality rented it out to a community
organization formerly named ACORN to provide
affordable housing for low and moderate income people
despite the fact that ACORN activities were highly
questioned by the cable media and a reactive Congress
... The same is the case for the governments Maryland
Hideaway once called Camp David but now called Camp
Jeremiah Wright. The President took this action after the
tainted Congressional elections of 2010. That election
representing a great victory for the Democratic-Obama
Party except most races were close with the Obama
Party successful 100% of the time in Congressional and
Senatorial districts where recounts were mandated by
State law or petitioned for by Obama Candidates.
Experts, who like to remain unnamed, claim that Obama
candidates benefited from thousands of votes that
suddenly appeared after Election Day. Some experts
even go as far as saying that the alleged Obama Party
voters actually realized the old political axiom of voting
early and often with the added conundrum of voting late
as well. Richard Daley, the former Chicago Mayor in the
60”s that helped elect John Kennedy with questionable
amount of cemetery votes in Cook County, would be most

President Barrack Hussein Obama if he had a choice
would prefer to govern from his Kentwood/Hyde Park
Mansion in Chicago, Illinois when he is in the United
States anyway. Some say he would like to move the
Executive capital of the United States to Chicago as well.

The logic of this is that this would have allowed his young
daughters to stay in Chicago to attend  school and also
remain in contact with their best friends from school. The
only change to that situation would be  that U.S.
government secret service agents are constantly around
to make sure their teachers and fellow student would
treat them well.

Clearly,  it's perfectly appropriate (and understandable)
that the Obama's – and nearly 40% of the U.S. Congress
– have decided that the Washington D.C. public school
system isn't the best fit for their children, and have chosen
another option

And Indeed ---  It would have been harder for the secret
service to operate and provide protection for the Obama
children in a Washington D.C. public school which is part
of the nation's worst-performing public systems
academically, and also,  are  among the most dangerous
in the country.  While there is nothing wrong with choosing
to avoid such a system (most parents would), Obama and
members of Congress we are told are currently trying to
shut down a D.C. academic scholarship program that is
providing a similar "way out" for 1,700 low-income
Washington students...If true --- what a pity that is
happening on Obama's watch.

According to the school's website, Sidwell Friends seeks
"academically talented students of diverse cultural, racial,
religious and economic backgrounds," providing them with
a "rich and rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum designed
to stimulate creative inquiry, intellectual achievement and
independent thinking in a world increasingly without

Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and Bill
Clinton (and Vice President Al Gore) also made the
choice to enroll their children at Sidwell. ...

The fact is, an international crisis as predicted by Vice
President Joe Biden had occurred within six months of his
inauguration as President and nobody could contact him
because he and his wife Michelle either had a parent-
teacher conference or were on one of their private date
episodes. The much-maligned former President George
W. Bush in an unusual move had provided the Obama
Transition team with contingent plans how the new
President could respond at the onset of crisis. The
outgoing Clinton Administration left behind no such
contingencies at the time of its departure and its young
staff showed some immaturity by thrashing the West
Wing of the White House and removing the letters W off
computers. As it developed, many of these former White
House staffers returned to former or similar positions in
the West Wing and, former Bush staffers did not return
the favor by doing to their successors as their
predecessors did to them. But the truth is that the new
old guys in the block so hated George Bush the younger
that in the first days of the Obama Administration they
threw a party in which it was reported that shoes were
thrown at the effigy of the former President.

One may question that these presidential debates were
outsourced from American soil ... But the truth is
President Barrack Hussein Obama had insisted that the
first Presidential debate of 2012 be held in Nairobi near
Obama's ancestral home and the summer White House.
This, of course, would be an historic event, the first time
an American Presidential debate would be held outside
the political borders of the United States... Which was,
renamed in 2011 the Democrat States of the Obama
Nation?  The fact is the cult of Obama's personality and
charisma did in fact overwhelm the nation to the dismay of
the dissident Republican Party, which remains shell
shocked by it setbacks in all election cycles since 2006
despite the fact that the personal popularity of the
President has declined drastically over his polices... But
apparently what the public thinks and how it is reflected in
votes is something else . Allentown, PA Congressman
Charles Dent who had survived the American voter retreat
from Republican candidates in a Democratic State was
elected Republican Party Minority Leader in 2010,
complains that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has
assigned the Republican Caucus to a room the size of a
janitor's closet. To which Pelosi responded: "That's where
all Republicans and vocal critics to this government should
go: In the Closet."

It also should be noted that having the debate in Nairobi
would allow Obama's 91-year-old grandmother to see the
debate live and increase the local sale of Obama Beer by

Additionally, Obama honored the insistence of Kenya's
President Kbaki's and Kenya's Prime Minister Raial
Odinga's request that he provide enhanced U.S
investment to the development of Kenya and East Africa.
Yes indeed, many 24-hour basketball Courts, Track
Marathon training facilities and the Summer White House
was built to aid the Kenyan and East African economies.
... A gracious Obama even allows his half-brother to work
as a servant in the Summer White House ... But his Aunt
in Boston now granted legal status in the Obama nation
still remains in public housing.

Of interest, Prime Minister Odinga is Obama's Liu tribal
cousin, Odinga in 2007 had run for the Presidency of
Kenya against Kbaki on a platform of Change ... Odinga's
hotly contested and close loss to Kbaki resulted in months
of violence in normally peaceful Kenya. To stem this
violence and create unity, Kbaki offered Odinga the Prime
Ministership. A coalition of rivals to speak … Something
Obama picked upon in his appointments despite his
references to Abraham Lincoln.

Keith Obberman, of the former MSNBC cable news
network, now renamed the Obama Broadcasting
Company, and an Obama partisan, was named the
moderator of the debate

Obama's surprise opponent is Dennis Kennethsson, a
former steelworker, substitute teacher, umpire and
neighborhood leader. He arose from nowhere to offer a
serious challenge to Obama incredibly defeating Arnold
Schwartzenegger, Hillary Clinton, Ralph Nader, Dick
Cheney. Al Gore and William Jefferson Clinton for the
right to be a Challenger to Obama.

Be it noted --- by virtue of the U.N. Treaty the 2012
election cycle has come to resemble more or less the
rules of an America's cup challenge.... No longer are
there Democratic or Republican Party primaries or
Conventions ... There is simply the incumbent bracket and
the Challenger bracket ... As sitting President, Barrack
Obama had a free ride into the General Election if he
decided to run again ... Only he was allowed to organize
a Citizens Convention to nominate him by acclamation and
establish a new platform for the 2012 campaign. But for
the challengers they had to run a grueling primary
campaign in all 52 states plus the capital Washington D.C.
Puerto Rico combined with the U.S. Virgin Islands had
become a state in 2010. Guam combined with American
Samoa had become a state in 2011.It was through the
2009 United Nations Treaty that Schwartzenegger a
naturalized citizen was allowed to run for President. And
notably, William Jefferson Clinton was allowed to run for
President for a nonconsecutive Third Term by the same
treaty if he chose to run.

By a skin of his teeth, dark horse candidate Dennis
Kennethsson from Pennsylvania overcame his opponents
and quickly invited all his opponents to be part of his
Presidential campaign team.... The second place finisher
Hillary Clinton, despite her early role in the Obama
Administration as Secretary of State resigned to run for
President but ended up becoming the Vice Presidential
Candidate according to the rules of the Challenger
primaries. Ophrah Winfrey replaced the former first lady
of Arkansas and the United States and former New York
senator as Secretary of State in the Obama

Kennethsson, in truth, would have preferred to have a
different running mate other than Clinton. But rules being
as they were, he accepted her as his running mate ... But
the question lingered among what remained of the free
press, would Clinton and Kennethsson be able to join a
close common front to campaign effectively against
Obama and Joe Biden. Some say Kennethsson would
have better accepted Sarah Palin as his running mate
who had announced suddenly on July 3, 2009 that she
would resign the Governorship of Alaska to take on a
larger, national role, citing a "higher calling" to unite the
country along conservative lines.

Palin portrayed her resignation as a selfless choice done
for the good of Alaskans. She said they will now be free
of the expensive and distracting — and she said bogus —
ethics inquiries generated by her new prominence. “Some
Alaskans, maybe they don’t mind wasting public dollars
and state time, but I do,” she said

But reporter Gordon Gordonsson suggests that all this
was the Democratic Party's strategy to hem in a politician
they regarded as a challenger to their power in 2012 ...
Some suggest that what transpired was an example of
Chicago politics exported to Alaska that Obama's Chief of
Staff Emmanuel excels in.

Said Sarah Palin on her Facebook Page a few days later:
"I am now looking ahead and (to) how we can advance
this country together with our values of less government
intervention, greater energy independence, stronger
national security, and much-needed fiscal restraint,"

The reality was for  Kennethsson that he had no say
where the Presidential debates were to be held because
the United Nations which sanctioned the debates
operated on the terms that the Champion had the right to
determine the terms and location of all future person to
person debates with the Challenger. And Obama, as
incumbent President made all the decisions on this matter.

As you know, airline and mass transportation operations
have been highly regulated and controlled in the Obama
Nation. Apologists for the Administration freely admit that
this provides obstacles for the free movement of the
American public and commerce throughout the country.
Spur of the moment short-haul or long-haul trips without
the knowledge of government watchdogs are highly
discouraged. They maintain that such security measures
are necessary both for homeland security purposes and
also for the sake of fairness and economic equality for the
lower and moderate income people , No longer could the
average American take spur of the minute trips
anywhere.  American citizens are required  to get
permission from the quality of life Commission to receive
a special passport to travel to other regions of the
Country whether by personal transportation or mass and
to receive security clearances to travel aboard.... This
procedure constituting a contradiction with the UN Treaty,
which allowed non-citizens to pour through all borders, at
will. These stipulations apply to everyone with the
exception being the President; members of his
Administration, and Congressional leaders. Even the
heads of major U.S. banks and industrial concerns whose
assets had been quietly nationalized after a series pork
barrel loaded and costly economic stimulus packages
were bound to these new rules and changes as to how
America did business.. . It even applied to Alaska’s
former Governor Sarah Palin who in some cases had to
use a dog sled to get out of Alaska and go down to the
Lower 48 States only to have her trek complicated by
both Canadian and American Customs. To use
Pennsylvania Dutch Vernacular: “I never seen the like of it
to receive a former Soviet Union like Internal passport to
travel within my own country, such a betrayal of the
commerce clause and individual rights portions of the U.S.

Sarah Palin, in fact, wanted to run for President in 2012
but leaks coming out of Russia indicated that Energy
People in the Obama Administration considered making a
deal to sale Alaska back to Russia if Palin ran for
President. Palin, of course, has been an advocate of
developing Alaska’s Oil and Gas resources to benefit both
the Alaskan and American Economy and still is popular
with those who were not in agreement with the Obama
nation despite resigning the Alaskan Governorship in
2009. However, the U.S. Energy people since day one of
the Obama Administration opposed such expanded oil
and gas drilling in Alaska as inconsistent with their energy
plans. Even if these Alaskan resources were brought into
the U.S. through pipelines running through Canada. These
same energy people decried the import of Canadian
Shale Oil as well because its need for additional
refinement then oil and gas imported from elsewhere…
But ironically, if Russia bought back Alaska to help
balance the U.S. budget and pay off some of our national
debt thus gaining in the process control of these
resources, the Obamaite Energy people would open the
doors and lay a red carpet for this Russian-Alaskan raw
sources.  This being part of the  strange decision making
coming from those who are sworn to uphold American

The decision-making began when the government of
Kyrgyzstan in February 2009 announced that U.S. Forces  
would be ordered out of the Manas air base within 6
months by a  decree by  Kyrgyzstan President
Kurmanbek Bakiyev that stunned the new Obama
Administration and drew suspicion that Kyrgyzstan was
acting under the influence of Russia, which staunchly
opposed Western military presence near its borders. The
Americans had used the base in Kyrgyzstan to ship
military hardware and troops crucial to operations in
Afghanistan. And of course, the value of the continued
operation of the Afghanistan base increased especially in
the light of the Obama Administration decision to increase
the level of American troops deployed to Afghanistan; and
additionally due to the destruction and sabotage of supply
lines in Western Pakistan flowing to Eastern Afghanistan
by increased Taliban and insurgent activities in Pakistan's
Swat Valley.

Many believed that Moscow’s strategy was to force the
Americans to create a longer supply line to Afghanistan
from Russia that would require the Americans to keep
Moscow in the loop for Afghanistan decisions. Moscow
for the longest time felt that it had the right to exert its
influence in the Central Asia Steppe region and it was
adverse to America having more influence there then
Moscow. Of interest, Russia, too, had a base in
Kyrgyzstan, which was one of the Republics in the former
Soviet Union before its break-up.

Of interest, just a short time before the Kyrgyzstan 's
governments announcement, Moscow had given that
government a $2 billion loan

But as it happened, on June 24, 2009 Kyrgyzstan reached
a deal with the U.S that would allow the American base to
remain open and continue to be used by U.S. forces to
transport weaponry and ammunition.  A much-needed
boost to the U.S.-led coalition as it ramped up its military
operations against Taliban and al-Qaida fighters in

Why the reversal of position by the Kyrgyzstan
government? The answer laid in the cost for the American
use of the base ... When the issue emerged the annual
rent for the Manas base in Kyrgyzstan was  $17.4 million
... Hereafter, the Americans had to pay three times more
in order to play.
Analysts,  said at the time Russia,  grudgingly accepted
the agreement in the hope of U.S. concessions on issues
that have badly strained its relations with Washington —
such as NATO’s possible expansion eastward and a
planned U.S. missile defense complex in central Europe.
“Reaching this agreement is, of course, Kyrgyzstan’s
sovereign right,” said a Russian Foreign Ministry
statement released after the  deal was announced... But
should we literally buy into those words.

In the case of Kennethsson, despite being a candidate for
President, permission to attend the Nairobi debate did not
come ...The official reason was that Kennethsson had
applied too late for an exit visa …But the truth is,
Kennethsson applied for the visa in plenty of time. Simply
stated – a person loyal to Obama in the Immigration
Bureau conveniently delayed processing of the application
to benefit Obama politically. Some say, to avoid
detection, the same individual hid the application in the
glove department of his private vehicle. Therefore like a
refugee Kennethsson and his chief aides Neil Browne, Bill
Major,  Ed Leskin and Dr. Mike D’Amore had to acquire a
Kodiak Raft to navigate down the Lehigh River into the
Delaware River at Easton Pennsylvania, continue the
wonderful journey down the Delaware River to the
Delaware Bay where they secretly went on board a sloop
headed out to the open seas beyond the 200 mile U.S
territorial to secretly board a larger boat headed for the
Azores. At the Azores, Kennethsson and his small staff
finally could catch a plane to Nairobi, Kenya.

Oddly, the quartet that traveled with Kennethsson
seemed more oriented with the politics of Obama than
Kennethsson. But Kennethsson noted that he maintained
radio contact with a quartet of aides back home that were
more attuned to the political values expressed by radio
hosts Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. ...
Innately, Kennethsson knew how to steer the proper
course after digesting the contradicting opinions of both
sides ...

Despite their support for Obama, Kenyan officials had to
accept the entry of Kennethsson into their country by
virtue of the 2009 UN Treaty. Obama was a bit annoyed
by Kennethsson showing up but for his image he
accepted knowing that there would be talk about an unfair
voting cycle or a rigged voting cycle if Kennethsson could
not participate in the debate as Challenger. … Indeed, an
empty chair would get more negative attention then he
desired.  Just the same, Obama grumbled to his Chief of
Staff, Rahm Emmanuel why the Coast Guard was not
able to intercept the five men in the tub before they left U.
S. territorial waters. Ophrah Winfrey who was also there,
whispered to Emmanuel: “ Maybe they used a stealth
tub." Offering a second opinion,   Vice President Biden
stone panned: "Maybe, Kennethsson's four Obama
sympathizers' confused the Coast Guard radar screen."
Said Emmanuel: “Very funny...Very Funny... That's
hilarious ... Ralph Cramden would say, I going to send
you to the moon , Alice." Replied Obama: " We can't do
that, there is far too much risk in manned space flight."

In analysis, the impetus of Kennethsson's charge from
nowhere was the Obama's party nationalization of the
401 K and Keough./IRA plans by placing these assets in
the Social Security System's alleged independent trust
which really doesn't exist to make an appearance of
firming up and making the fund sound to quell the fears of
pensioners... The concern was indeed there as both the
Republican and Democratic parties had raided the Social
Security Trust Fund to pay certain government
expenditures. The first to do it was Lyndon Johnson and
the Democratic Controlled Congress during the Great
Society and the practice has been continued by both
parties ever since. Additionally, out of concern of lost tax
revenues due to 401 K and Keough/IRA tax credits,
Democratic Committeemen sought to tie-in these credits
to income levels. This would be the case for new clients
of 401 K plans as well as older clients of the same plans.
Apparently the rest of the nation can now understand the
Native American complaint that the Great Diverse fathers
and mothers in Washington speak with a forked tongue.
Which means that no one can trust that any governmental
program will actually be in tack when the younger
members of the plans actually get to the age they can tap

In October, 2008, U.S. Rep. George Miller, D-Calif.,
chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee
and U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., chairman of the
House Ways and Means Committee's Subcommittee on
Income Security and Family Support entertained
proposals that would tax 401(k) plans. Both held hearings
laying the groundwork for future legislation that could
eliminate most of the $80 billion in annual tax breaks that
investors receive by placing their money in the $3 trillion
401(k) system. The plan, which may serve as a model for
this change, is by Prof. Teresa Ghilarducci, professor of
economic-policy analysis at the New School for Social
Research in New York. It is similar in ways to some
European systems. "Actually there are two plans, said
Prof. Ghilarducci, "a short-term one and a long-term one.
As part of the bailout, I would include a provision for
individuals to be able to swap their 401(k) s at its August
2008 value for special issue government bonds paying 3
percent plus inflation." When asked about the terms of the
bonds, which she calls "Guaranteed Retirement Accounts"
Prof. Ghilarducci remarked that no one ever asked that
question. After thinking about it, she said the terms would
be the social security eligibility date of the owner.

So what this means is, someone making over a certain
threshold in their income cannot adjust their tax statement
to pay taxes on income after throwing money into a 401k.
Under our current system, if you make $100k a year, you
put $10k into a 401k, and then you get taxed at $90k a
year. The debate then was, even if you put that same
money into 401k, you still would get taxed at the $100k a
year. This is a classic example of imputed income tax.
Taxing you on something that is considered of value even
if you don't actually spend it at that time. The real kicker
is, you still get taxed on this money in your 401k when you
retire and start drawing down on that retirement account.
This is called double taxation. The plan was passed by
the Democratic-controlled congress and signed into law
by President Barrack Obama. Upon signing the bill,
Obama joked:  “when I was a member of the Illinois and
U.S. Senates, I could vote present on any bill I didn’t want
to record. Well ladies and gentlemen eventhough I
approve this bill, interpret my signature as recording that I
am present rather then signing this bill.”

Teresa Ghilarducci, an economics professor at The New
School for Social Research in New York, at that time
offered this assessment for retirement accounts."
Congress should let workers trade their 401(k) assets for
guaranteed retirement accounts made up of government
bonds. When workers collected Social Security, the
guaranteed retirement account would pay an inflation-
adjusted annuity under her plan. The way the government
now encourages 401(k) plans is to spend $80 billion in tax
breaks, which goes to the highest-income earners. That
simply results in transferring money from taxed savings
accounts to untaxed accounts. " The problem here is
when passed the government did not just let workers do it
they made it mandatory from day one.

What she proposed was that the tax subsidy be
eliminated completely. In its place everyone gets a $600
federal income tax credit. This would benefit those who
make less. But in the case of the aforementioned
example, while people making $40,000 a year would see
a net gain; people earning $60,000 per year would
experience a net loss. A tax increase by Democrats on
those making $60,000 per year would not be in line with
the their presidential nominee U.S. Sen. Barrack Obama's
pledge to only increase taxes on those making $250,000
per year.

To state it again in another way, we had Democratic
Congressmen who wanted to buy-out personal 401K
investments, at their worth in August 2008. They would be
willing to give 3% interest annually. That would have
compensated for Barrack Obama's phantom tax cut on
the 95% of Americans including credits for those who pay
no taxes. It was a control factor. CONTROL. That is the
government will provide.... Now they want to take what
Americans have saved and gain control, demand a
minimum of 5% deduction from the paycheck, control it
and use it to replenish the Social Security System, or
rather in lieu of it. What has happened to all the monies
paid to SS? Now they are saying, basically, because they
have screwed up, we paid the money, they gambled our
money through the years, and now they want to take

To sum all this up: 1) Social security or government
retirement accounts hardly ever adjust properly for
inflation. When you introduce inflation like our government
has, it lessons their responsibility to pay true inflationary
rates on government pensions and social security. To
better put it, they pay less for their promises. 2) Not
taxing someone on the money they introduce into their
401k doesn't mean you still don't collect tax revenue. The
tax revenue is just delayed until that person withdraws it
at a later time. Usually you get greater tax gains by letting
the 401k grow into bigger earnings. 3) The government
bond annuity that proponents for the plan suggested
would never keep up like a regular annuity. 4) This is
basic class warfare. Anyone effected by this will out
smart the government and hide this money into accounts
that probably will leave the US. That means this is money
not invested back into our economy, not creating jobs or
enhancing productivity. 5) To compare this proposal to
our social security system means it will become a ponzi
scheme for our government to borrow off of. This means
that the money collected will just end up paying current
obligations. The program would go bankrupt.

Stated Obberman to begin the debate: "Mr. Kennethsson.
I personally don't think you are qualified to be dogcatcher,
neighborhood leader, yet alone President. You are a
mischievous autistic rat that seeks to take back the nation
and restore the United States of America from the Man.
Why are you insulting or wasting the time of this nation's
subjects, I mean public, by challenging the Nobel Peace
prize winner, the  Emperor, I mean the President. By the
way how did you get here anyway? I bet it will be more
difficult for you then an illegal alien to get back into the

Replied Kennethsson: "If I interpret the question correctly
... You are really questioning my audacity and my
boldness to Challenge the President.

Offered Obberman: Yes, I am, That is a very negative
thing to do ... That's very disruptive to the unity the
Emperor, I mean, the President is trying to encourage a
different kind of society.

Stated Kennethsson: "What a Freudian slip you just

An angered Obbermman said: " Stop it, you slime ball.
You definitely need to under-go the re-education process."

Replied Kennethsson: “So sorry, Are you talking about the
Guantanomo Bay Re-Education Center that replaced the
Detainment Center for Terrorist Combatants who were
usually Islamic? Who else will join me there? Rush
Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck,  
Bobby Gunther Walsh , Karl Rowe, and Joe Lieberman. I
guess that Michael Moore or George Seros won’t be
there. …

A calm Kennethsson continued in confidence: " I can
assure you that despite my advanced age of 65 and
admitted lack of governing experience in Washington, D.
C. Harrisburg, PA, Lehigh County, PA and Allentown, PA
that I am ready to be President. Why? I possess the
common sense, intuitive intelligence to digest new data,
correlate and combine it with older data to create a
general perception of what the problem is or what is
happening to make a decision that would be right to
handle the given situation. Additionally, I would continue to
monitor the situation least fine tuning be needed to the
decision on target or on mark ... The fact is, I don't
engage in fine sounding rhetoric or oratory just to confuse
as some do. It is not in my make-up to be a mastermind
of confusion, misinformation or destructive
transformation.... As Santayana Said: 'Those who forget
the past are destined to repeat it' ... And I add, those
who seek to hide the past have something to hide."

Said Obberman: Don't you believe in sharing the wealth?

Said Kennethsson:  " I prefer Jesus Christ to Karl Marx ...
And none of the land distribution policy of Robert
Mugabee --- Thank you...

An impatient Obama chimed in: " But I offer change, I. I
... I think you will like my change. But before he could say
more, the President could not constrain his smoker’s
cough … A by-product of many years of off and on
smoking … Once the cough subsided, the President put
into his mouth a nicotine coated gum stick.

An amused Kennethsson replied:  "You said change.  Did
I hear you say change? Maybe people want a change
from you? Change can be good, surprising, bad or
disastrous...What have you brought us? A push toward a
debilitating Socialistic society. If you get re-elected what
will you offer us ...  More of the same or not .. Will you
accelerate the programs that have caused me to run
against you or will you change your course and repudiate

The main-line media in 2008 never truly questioned
whether Obama had enough experience to be President.
They simply thought of him as the one who would deliver
the nation from George Walker Bush ... The skillful orator
cast in the image of JFK ... The movie star who worked
efficiently for youthful votes. The demi-God whom had
what it took to be our deliverer.

Now in the year 2012 we see the outcome and sadly we
see a failed Presidency.... Once elected in 2008 we gave
him the opportunity to be successful ...We wished him to
be successful ... But he is not successful…. Our industry
is still in the pits and in some communities grocery stores
are bought out of all its fresh food shortly after the truck
that brought it leaves… That’s not the America I was born
and raised in. That’s the America that has descended
from its height of prosperity to the one of third world
doldrums. An America that is in the sight-hair of
regulations imposed by the new global Financial Stability

Replied Obama: " Give what we did time to mature. We
delayed what we wanted to do because of what George
Bush left us ... I said at the beginning we wouldn't
accomplish what we planned to do in the first 100 days,
the first year or the first term ... But we will get to the
mountaintop with more time.... We will get to the
Mountaintop and see the Promised Land. From the
mountaintop I will go down into the Promised Land and
see our plan of change mature for the benefit of the
American people. ...

Interrupted Obberman:" Mr. Kennethsson, can’t you see
how deleterious your challenge is to the success of the
change that the Emperor, I mean Obama so stresses.

Asserted Kennethsson: " I am questioned ... I am doubted
... I am condemned ... Nevertheless, I pursue and
continue the fight. I do not retreat as I do not hear the
trumpet ... If I prevail my election will not be considered
as historic as Obama's election. But just the same my
election will produce an earthquake in the minds of men ...
Whereas the policies of Obama when fully implemented
will turn Americans into subjects and serfs my election will
make Americans citizens again.

Thus be it ever where Freemen shall stand between their
beloved homes and the War's desolation ... Blessed with
victory and peace, may we offer praise to the power that
has both created and preserved a nation... Conquer we
must, when our cause it is just...And Let this be our
motto, in God do we Trust; And the Stars and Stripes in
triumph shall wave over the land of the free and brave....
And I add not a land of people who are controlled, are
subject to extreme political correctness and the afraid.

An annoyed Obbermman replied: No more political
garbage from you ... I am finished with you.

Replied Kennethsson: You are a fine example of objective

Said Obberman: Mr. Kennethsson, these are seditious
words - You should be arrested on the spot.

Replied Kennethsson: "Are the words of the 4th Stanza of
the Stars Spangles Banner seditious ...Arrest me if you
wish. But that would make a mockery out of the Bill of
Rights... Let it be noted that the President before he was
President stated his annoyance with the negative
provisions of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which
deprived the federal government and other government of
from taking control of our lives. Do you want your life
completely controlled by the government? Do you want to
live your life as a Plantation hand?

The President interrupted: Hey there man, Are you trying
to bring up Ayers, Wright. Pleigger and the rest again...

Replied Kennethsson: I didn't say a word ... You did.

Continued Kennethsson: " Politically there is a time one
must throw tea into the bay or river and this may be the
time ... There is a time to take away the sleeping bag
from the sleepers. And this may be the time... Vigilance is
the watchword... Those who sleep must be awakened....
If you have become Goliath, I am David and this is why I
stand before you in battle ... Most importantly, I don't
think that the voters in 2008 voted for the end of the
American Republic, the Suspension of the Constitution
and the Bill of Rights and the start of the new American
Empire called Obama nation with the President accorded
the honor of an Emperor, movie star and demi-God...

Moderator Obbermman, who broke down in frustration,
was replaced by another MSNBC, that is Obama
Broadcasting Commentator, Senator in his dreams Chris

Stated Matthews: “Mr. Kennethsson, I don’t think you are
winning the debate tonight… What can you say to make it
not so?

Stated Kennethsson: Are you kidding! Obama has said
very little tonight … it has been me; myself and I that has
been under attack tonight.

Interrupted Mathews: “ Strategy, my pinhead err
whatever, Obama has said more in silence then you can
ever say. I still have a tinkling feeling for him in my legs
even after almost four years of power…. Did I mention I
had thoughts of becoming a Democratic Senator from
Pennsylvania to replace Arlen Specter? Of course, that
was before, the ancient one, decided to change his
political stripes seeking political preservation. But that
didn't help him much as the movement of time brought the
more youthful and forced the more ancient out.

Replied Kennethsson: “ So sorry, I am not Vaspuchian’s
monkey and I have not prayed to the three monkeys
lately. That is, see no evil, hear no evil or say no evil. I
pay deference to President Obama solely because he is
President, but I do not place the President’s symbol on
any part of my body let alone my forehead as Obama’s
community service legion does. … Obama is a clever
leader, but where his ship of state is taking us I have no
idea even now except my intuition tells me that his course
is not towards fair weather that more often then not he
stirs the ship of state toward inclement weather rather
then avoiding it or conquering it. Calm as he is Obama
prefers the state of crisis

Obama mutters; “ Not true! not true! , not true!.”

Retorts Mathews: “Well said, Mr. President. It seems that
Mr. Kennethsson does not share or appreciate your vision

Stated Kennethsson: “Mr. Mathews, “The fact is, even in
Obama’s rule injustice still exists, his vision does have
faults that stand uncorrected and unchallenged by many;
the wise men he selected to carry out his vision did not
undo or correct this vision; then too, the award winning
scholars he selected to carry out the vision. Did not
conspire to undo or correct this vision; and you know,
neither did the philosophers he selected to carry out the
vision operated to undo or correct this vision either … So
there we have, All the President’s team worked hard to
carry out the President’s vision, but like the King’s men for
Humpty Dumpy, they could not completely put our
economy back together again. Indeed the economy has
gained somewhat, but there still remain cracks in the shell
that will never accommodate the rosy vision of Obama
because this vision does have its faults and these faults
will not set the economy free to prosper.

Obama again mutters: “Give me time, Give me time, Give
me time. My vision will be done!”

Replied Mathews: “ I know that Mr. President … The
American people I think will come to understand that. But
that person over there is a nonbeliever, an infidel to your
philosophy He is creating a lot of tension for you … Is
there a place we can take him to give him some sort of re-
education … Maybe, Guantanomo.

Replied Obama: “ Rahm would you look into that?

Retorted Kennethsson: “Who else would be there with me
… Sarah Palin?  The non-repented Supreme Court
Justices, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and rest of the
Conservative talk hosts. . Moderates … You should
understand that I take the approach of Creative Tension
to force the President to acknowledge those who are the
new victims of his Obama style injustice. … Indeed I take
the nonviolent approach to resolving this injustice of
whatever kind. . Does Obama recognize that my
approach is rooted in respect for all people regardless of
their sex, race, ethnicity or station in life, and takes a
clear firm nonviolent stand against all injustice as Martin
Luther King did? … However, even in taking this creative
tension approach there are behaviors that human being
promote that are not within the law no matter how we
loosely interpret it.

Replied Matthews: “ You don’t say … Now Mr.
Kennethsson, I am bothered by the fact you haven’t
accepted campaign finance money … is that unfair to
President Obama.”

Stated Kennethsson: Why is that unfair? He did not
accept the check-off money in 2008 and he has not
accepted it this year again. The former Democratic Party
that promoted it now neglects the same campaign tool the
Party wanted to use to level the playing field against
Republican candidates. How interesting is that!

Interrupted Obama: “The the the point is, the era of
Obama was supposed to be the second era of good
feeling in America. Where the parties would unite in a
single purpose, become one … Where conservatives,
moderates would buy into liberal principles and become
transformed and enlightened under my leadership and
vision … Your candidacy was just supposed to be a token
one At the moment it seems more then a token. How do
you explain this?

Replied Kennethsson: “ So sorry. A token I am not … I
am for real… I do this for the American people not me …
Does that sound familiar? And when you hear the bell ring
at the conclusion of Election Day … Start packing for the
transition to a new administration will begin. Oh that’s
right, you never really moved into the White House, did

Interrupted Obama: I can’t let that happen … My work is
not finished … Like Mayor Bloomberg in New York I want
to serve a third term as President after this term.

Interrupted Kennethsson: “A third term, how interesting.
So you want to cross the Rubicon … when do you seek
to be crowned?

Interrupted Obama: “ Well, I never been so insulted. I

What is wrong with us becoming more like Europe, with a
welfare state and social safety net that would allow the
vast majority of its citizens to enjoy the benefits of a
developed, high-income economy. When Medicare and
Medicaid were enacted in 1965, it was widely believed
that insuring the elderly and the poor, respectively, were
just the first steps toward universal health insurance. We
never got there

Interrupted Kennethsson: “ So you would like us to
become more like Europe. That is your call if you remain
President. But the probability is that you won’t. And it will
be my call.

Let’s look at the facts in regard to Social Security:

>Just in case some of you young whippersnappers (&
some older ones)
> didn't know this.
> Be sure and show it to your kids. They need a little
history lesson on
> what's what.

>> And it doesn't matter whether you are Democrat or
Republican. Facts
> are facts!!!
> Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social
Security (FICA)
> Program. He promised:
> 1.) That participation in the Program would be
completely voluntary.
> 2.) That the participants would only have to pay 1% of
the first $1,400 of
> their annual incomes into the Program,
> 3.) That the money the participants elected to put into
the Program would be
> deductible from their income for tax purposes each year,
> 4.) That the money the participants put into the
Independent 'Trust Fund'
> rather than into the General Operating Fund, and
therefore, would only be used
> to fund the Social Security Retirement Program, and no
> government program, and,
> 5.) That the annuity payments to the retirees would
never be taxed as
> income.
> Since many of us have paid into FICA for years and are
now receiving a
> Social Security check every month --and then finding
that we are getting taxed on
> 85% of the money we paid to the federal government
to  'put
> away', you may be interested in the following:
> Q:  Which political party took Social Security from the
Independent 'Trust
> Fund' and put it in to the General Fund so that
Congress could spend it?
> A:  It was Lyndon Johnson and the Democratically-
controlled House and Senate.
> Q:  Which political party eliminated the income tax
deduction for Social
> Security  (FICA) withholding?
> A: The Democratic Party.
> Q:  Which political party started taxing Social Security
> A: The Democratic Party, with Al Gore casting the  'tie-
breaking' deciding
> vote as President of the Senate, while he was Vice
President of the U.S.
> Q:  Which political party decided to start giving annuity
payments to
> immigrants?
> A: That's right!   Jimmy Carter and the Democratic
Party.  Immigrants moved
> into this country, and at age 65, they began to receive
Social Security
> payments! The Democratic Party gave these payments
to them
> even though they never paid a dime into it!

Which is interesting to me because my Grandmother,
bless her soul, never received a cent of Social Security
because her husband a businessmen who died in the late
1930’s never paid into the system. And my grandmother
who was alive in the Carter Administration never was
accorded the privileges that was accorded to immigrants
who never paid into the system and who were over sixty-

Then, after violating the original contract (FICA), the
Democrats turn
> around and tell you that the Republicans want to take
your Social Security away!   
> And the worst part about it is, uninformed citizens
believe it!
> A government big enough to give you everything you
want, is strong enough to
> take everything you have."
> -Thomas Jefferson

Mathews like Obbermman had a sinking feeling in his
stomach … Therefore he was replaced by Katie Kuric of
the former NBC network.

Offered Kuric: “ Mr. Kennethsson, It is said that you own
land on the Moon … isn’t that crazy. Isn’t that strange.
When was the last time you visited your property; and
how much did it cost you?  

Replied Kennethsson: Is that a gotcha question?

Replied Obama: Answer the question.

Replied Kennethsson: I have a deed that claims to
transfer me one acre of moon property in which I call
Steelworkers Bay. It appears to be a legal transfer but
until men return to the Moon and establish authority one
can not be certain that the one who transferred the
property had legal rights to do so, But apparently that
person does have the paperwork to prove it. No, I have
not been to the site … the transportation necessary to get
me there is either non-existent or too expensive. The price
I paid was very cheap and I won’t feel I was bamboozled
if the deed proves to be of no value because as a
gimmick item it is very neat and cool … I do believe in the
space faring civilization and its slogan Ad Astra. And it
would be nice to preside, as President while equipment to
take us back to the Moon and beyond is being developed
and built.  The Obama defunct Project Constellation didn't
anticipate America’s return to the Moon until the year
2020. But now, who knows when. Which means at the
very least this return will occur before my retro payments
to the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation ends….
But seriously we still need to use the innovation and drive
of American entrepreneurs to close the Gap in U.S.
spaceflight now that the Space Shuttle fleet has been
retired … In going to the International Space Station we
are presently dependent upon Russia’s Soyuz for crew
access to the International Space Station. Let us hope
they never say there is no room at the Inn because of
some international dispute.

Replied Obama: I… I … I really prefer robotic missions
then human missions to the final frontier because I find
human missions too too risky. But I will not argue against
what you say. Our continued access to the International
Space Station does remain a concern.

To which Kennethsson replied: “You did allocate $2 billion
in additional funding for NASA to address the Gap … But
the your proposed option of extending Space Shuttle
Operations beyond 2010 to 2011 only cuts the gap one
year. And $2 billion is only a drop in the bucket for
Constellation whose shortfalls in budgeting may add
another 18 months to the Gap…. To me it is foolish to
strip the Orion Crew Exploration vehicle of the capability
to support lunar exploration, making it simpler and lighter
and supposedly easier to complete sooner. … As
expressed by Space Frontier Foundation Co-founder Rick
Tumlinson: ‘this idea is crazy because it will strand NASA
in low Earth Orbit, instead of exploring the solar system…
The whole point of that Vision for Space Exploration was
to send NASA’s Lewis & Clark further out into the frontier,
to the Moon, Mars and near-Earth asteroids, while the
private sector takes over Earth Orbit. Cutting Orion back
gives us “Gemini on steroids’, which would be change for
the worse.’ …As stated by Will Watson, Foundation
Executive Director, I don’t think it would be good policy to
put all our eggs in one basket by pouring even more
money into the Shuttle, an old system that was on its last
legs or a controversial new program that’s already behind
schedule.” Indeed, if we are serious about closing the
Gap and about” making humanity’s presence in space
economically sustainable we must consider Watson’s
suggestion that we use the $2 billion to stimulate multiple
entrepreneurial systems that will not only slash costs,
improve safety, and close the Gap, but also will help
create a whole new space industry with new jobs here in

Of course, I am acceptable to all ideas of merit that will
accomplish the purposes we stated.

Replied Obama: Again I do not argue against what you
are saying …what you cite may be correct … but what
you say is not my vision at the moment … it may, but then
it may be in the future

Obama looking at his clock and then at the hand signals
of his Chief of Staff next responded:  “But please excuse
me I have a pressing appointment I now must go.”.

Replied Kuric: Is it an important diplomatic or economic

Replied Obama: “No, I have to fly off to a Parents-
Teacher Conference in Chicago.

Replied Kuric: “ What a great Man.”

Responded Kennethsson: “ Katie.… Ask yourself what
does it take to make government work properly at the
various levels of government on the local level, state level,
national level and the world level?  In the simplest terms it
takes hard work and drive. Of what you may ask? People
... People make all these various levels of the government
work - not buildings ... Building are only the body of the
city --- a tool to be utilized by people. The Soul of all
governments is its people and every government I believe
has compromised the good intensions of a proud and self-
sufficient people. Therefore it has abused its soul."

In my experience, Citizen Participation in Allentown was
encouraged by City Official because the Federal
Government's Community Development Block Grant
program required citizen input. Thus we see in Allentown
the Development of the Allentown Community of
Neighborhood Organizations.... I remember going to my
first meeting in the fall of 1976 at Dieruff High School and
representatives of the Mayor's Ad Hoc committee for
Citizen Participation explained the concept... They told us
how we would set up our neighborhood associations and
then come together as a coalition of neighborhoods to
discuss problems of a city-wide concern. It was
understood that problems of a localized nature would only
come to the coalition if the neighborhood failed in its effort
or efforts to seek resolution...In the beginning the people
were led to believe that such a program would save tax
money. But we didn't see a reduction in our taxes. In fact,
it opened up a period wherein city government sought
federal grants for everything. Our Administration had
fallen prey to the siren lure of federal grant programs that
have dependency on the uncertain budgetary decisions
that will be made in Washington. Additionally, the
Allentown taxpayer must pay for the services of a highly
paid grants consultant based in Washington."

Again as we entered another political cycle in 2009, we
note that the attitudes of public officials on the local level,
state level, national level and the world level have not
changed ... The bureaucracies encouraged upon the
lower levels by the upper level of government are still
there and not always fully funded. The Original core levels
of the lower levels of government were sometimes
supplemented by additional funds from an upper level of
government but as we said these levels of
supplementation are uncertain over the years, therefore
increased costs encouraged by these supplementation
also remain inadequately funded. But you know what,
there are limits in funding whether to lower levels of
government or directly to business or people that the
higher levels of government can safely provide ....

Why the dependence on federal grant money by lower
levels of government ? 1. Our political leaders on both the
municipal and state level wanted to avoid political
accountability for budget decisions by funding municipal
and state expenditures with federal tax dollars...2. The
Administration delighted and lusted in the competitive
search for big bucks; that is, it developed the attitude that
if we don't get the federal loot someone else will ...3. The
municipal and state bureaucracy has succumbed to the
reality of life that they needed grant programs to justify
their positions....

And also, today our banks and major industrial means of
production are also caught  in the web

Said Kuric: “Wow you have said a mouthful … Let’s talk
again … Maybe privately.”

Replied Kennethsson: “ I give this advice to people
dealing with all government officials: "If you sit down and
eat with a ruling prince, keep your mind on the business at
hand: If you come out of Greed forget it and go home for
you will become overwhelmed by government enticements

With that the debate ended … And Kennethsson and his
Aides began to develop plans to go to Caracas,
Venezuela as Venezuelan President Hugo Chaves
required them to attend his weekly Presidential broadcast
so that they could hear him talk on and on for hours about
his vision and then blame any failure of vision on part of
his ministers who failed to carry out this vision properly.
Then extend his show by launching a tirade against
Kennethsson for not being in lockstep or total agreement
with the vision of his soul Mate Obama or even worse,
Chavez’s own vision for his people.

What Obama wanted to know from his staff what they
had on Kennethsson’s thinking toward the North American
Free Trade Association Treaty? What they came up is the
following statement made by Kennethsson on December
15, 1993:

“Pay heed and listen to these words from the Bible - Book
of Proverbs:

   ... " When you sit down to eat with a ruling prince, be
sure to keep your mind on what is before you, and if you
are a greedy man. Cut your throat first." (Proverbs
Chapter 23: Verses 1-2)...

   ... "Wisdom builds the house, good judgment makes it
secure, knowledge furnishes the rooms with all the
precious and pleasant things that wealth can buy."
(Proverbs Chapter 24: Verses 3-4)...

Bill Clinton last week signed U.S. legislation to implement
the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA),
which will merge the markets of Canada, Mexico and the
United States into the world's largest free trade zone.

Let us hope that NAFTA was built on wisdom and good
judgment!  Former President George Bush whose Trade
Representative Carla Hills successfully negotiated the
pact, thinks that NAFTA was built on wisdom and good
judgment... And so does former Presidents Ronald
Reagan, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter ... Initially the
Clinton Administration reserved judgment on NAFTA, but
with the inclusion of a Side Bar Agreement negotiated
with Mexico and Canada by Mickey Kantor, Clinton’s
Trade Representative, the Administration dropped all
reservations... But Ross Perot, a 1992 presidential
candidate and the inspirational leader for "United We
Stand" vigorously disagrees with the Administration's
stand... So does organized labor ... Interestingly, the
opposition of Ross Perot prompted Mr. Clinton to
characterize Perot during an appearance on NBC's "Meet
the Press" as the "master of the one-liner and emotional
retort" who "kept things stirred up because that's what he
likes to do." In his strident attack against labor on the
same program, Clinton denounced their "roughshod
muscle-bound tactics" and "naked pressure" to intimidate
Democratic lawmakers.

NAFTA, which builds on the five-year old U.S.-Canada
Free Trade Agreement, takes effect January 1, 1994 and
over the next 15 years eliminates tariffs and other trade
barriers. It creates the world's largest free trade zone,
covering 360 million people and stretches from the tropics
to the arctic.
New reservations about NAFTA brought up by the new
Liberal Party government of Canada headed by Prime
Minister John Crettien caused some concern and anxiety
in the Clinton Administration right up to Clinton's
ceremonial signing of the U.S. legislation. In the end, the
U.S. and Mexico agreed to Canadian demands that
uniform trade laws be developed to avoid disputes over
unfair trading practices. The three countries agreed they
would try to negotiate over the next two years codes
governing trade subsidies and dumping, or unfair pricing.

The U.S. and Mexico also agreed to a Canadian demand
that would deny NAFTA the right to compel Canada to
export their water resources. But the U.S. refused to give
into a Canadian demand that would provide Canada with
the same energy protection as Mexico. Mexico unlike its
neighbors isn't required to share its energy resources with
its partners during a supply crisis. Canada wanted
equality with Mexico on the issue.

Canada's new government had threatened to drop out of
the agreement if its demands for changes weren't met.
Interestingly, Canada is currently trying to increase its oil
and liquid gas exports to the U.S., not reduce them.

To understand NAFTA one must accept the fact that the
world since the fall of the Soviet Union is in the process of
creating a new economic order. The world is presently
evolving into two competing trade groups. If both groups
accepted the principles of the General Agreement On
Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the world would have a
functioning system. Indeed there would be stiff
competition between the trade blocks, but this
competition could be handled. U.S. Trade representative
Mickey Kantor is currently involved in the Uruguay Round
of GATT negotiations in Geneva Switzerland. If complex
negotiations are successfully completed by December 15,
1993, GATT will receive fast track review in Congress like
NAFTA.... But at the time of this writing, many issues
remain unsettled. The current round of GATT negotiations
began in 1987. The initial GATT agreement was made in

One of these competing groups is the tightly knit
European Community. Europe's main concerns include
coping with jobless rates soaring past 11%, with failed
efforts to craft common foreign, defense and monetary
policies, and discredited politicians who have offered little
vision and hope for the future. Viewed from America, the
European Community is in an insular and defensive mood,
unwilling to look much beyond its own economic crisis.

The second competing group is the loosely organized and
fledgling Asia - Pacific Economic Cooperation group
(APEC). The 15-member group is a diverse collection of
countries, ranging from huge and still communistic China
to tiny Brunei, whose separate passions for freer trade
and compassion differ greatly. The U.S. and its NAFTA
partners have membership in this group with the U.S.
having been rebuffed by the European Community in its
desire to have observer status.

The first ever gathering of APEC meeting in Seattle,
Washington recently gave the European Community a
clear and disturbing message concerning its desire to
obtain an observer status in APEC. APEC told the EC
politely to buzz off. The rationale being if Europe didn't
want member nations of APEC to have a role in EC
Affairs, APEC couldn't possibly allow the EC to have a
role in their affairs. Many Asians blame Europe for stalling
on global trade talks

The Seattle Summit can be viewed as a diplomatic first of
symbolic importance. It's the initial gathering of leaders
from the world's most dynamic economies, assembled to
spur even faster growth by increased cooperation around
the Pacific Rim... Then too, the Seattle Conference can
be viewed as another sign of its Asian members wealth...
The Asian membership accounting for 25% of global
production compared to only 4% three decades ago.  

As Proverbs Chapter 24: Verses 3-4 says: " Wisdom
builds the house, good judgment makes it secure,
knowledge furnished the rooms with all the precious and
pleasant things that wealth can buy..." In light of the
emerging European Community Trading Block, which may
exclude the United States, NAFTA is an attempt by the
United States to build a bridge with its North American
neighbors... A Bridge that some say will be soon
expanded to include South American nations as well... An
economic Manifest Destiny so to speak... With APEC, the
Americas may well build a bridge across the Pacific
Ocean to link the Americas with Asia... With GATT, APEC
would build a bridge to the European Community... “

The President upon reading the statement shook is head
in a way his handlers knew expressed concern. Obama
said to Emmauel: “He knew this in 2003 when he had no
portfolio in government to learn this…. Woe we got to box
this guy in. If this was a basketball game I would play the
old Box and 1 zone against him.”

As it occurred the rest of the debates were canceled as
well as the election of 2012.

Strange as it may seem, many Americans including
Kennethsson had mysteriously disappeared, as did many
citizens of the world. A confused and beleaguered Obama
said this was some sort of mystery, tribulation or act of
God he could not understand.

As this story was written the Armies of the world that
include European Union troops sent by European Union
President Tony Blair are headed toward a place in the
Middle East with the intent of confronting an individual
who is said to have descended to the Earth from the
clouds. Obama spoke in his initial campaign for President
about change we can believe in. However, the change
that the person who descends from the sky with a great
host of believers will bring to the world changes that we
can believe in.

Barrack Obama, who arrived on the world political scene
with great popularity, can only be troubled by the new
development. Some say that his drive to become
Emperor of the United States and perhaps the world has
been stymied by this new development. He must make a
critical decision in regard to committing U.S. troops. Will
he ally himself with the armies of the world as authorized
by the United Nations Security Council resolution? Or will
he be on the side of the Kingdom of God, which is coming
down to Earth through this man who is descending to
earth from a cloud? …. As it was stated in Isaiah 24:21-
22 ... "...  it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD
shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and
the kings of the earth upon the earth. And they shall be
gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the pit,
and shall be shut up in the prison, and after many days
shall they be visited.
Barack, the orator , now needs to make a decision. On
who's side will he stand.  He can't count on the host to
free him from this judgment like the multitude freed
Barabass from the cross in his day ... Will he stand up for
Jesus a man born without Adam's sin , died without
Adam's sin, and in doing so gave us all the opportunity to
receive forgiveness of our sin trough his grace ... Or will
he stand up for the Anti-Christ ...

Observers at the scene are somewhat confounded at
what is happening … some reports suggest the
mysterious reappearance of Obama’s Presidential
Opponent Dennis Kennethsson in the ranks of the forces
supporting the One who descended from the clouds …
What is for certain, these same observers say that
something climatic is about to occur in the Valley of
Armageddon.... The government of man has proven itself
to be utterly corrupt ...  And it has failed as predicted ...
No superman arrived on the scene to solve all the world's
problems nor bring the world peace