The following map shows how East Allentown
was divided in the State Assembly from 2003
up to the present and will be to 2014•      

The red represents the 135th Legislative
district now represented by Steve
Sammuelson ---  Or the following 15th Ward
Electoral precincts  --- 15-2; 15-3 and 15-4.
•        The Lime-Green represents the 133rd
Legislative district now represented by Dan
McNeil --- Or the following Electoral precincts
--- 15th Ward  --- 15-1 ; 14th Ward ---  14-2 and
across the River divide 6-1
•        The Orange represents the 131st
Legislative District of Justin Simmons --- Or
the following Electoral precinct --- 14th Ward ---
•        The Blue across the Lehigh River is now
represented by Mike Schlossberg --- Or the
following shown precinct --- The 1st Ward.

Below  City of Allentown - Partial Ward Map

1st Ward - Colored Blue
6th Ward - Colored Pink
14th Ward - Colored Blue
15th Ward - Colored Lime GreenC
State Representation --- Assembly
Next Meeting ; August 19, 2013

Political Chess Game

Peter Schweyer, a legislative assistant  
for representative Jennifer Mann D-132,
had plans to run for the newly created
22nd district in Allentown . He even
went on a leave of absence from his
work to follow state law. Well the PA
Supreme Courts recent apportionment
ruling left Schweyer high and dry. In
Schweyer's case justice could only be
served by automatically putting him on
the primary ballot in the former 22nd
district in the Pittsburgh despite
Schweyer not being a resident of the

What is more, East Allentown which
would fare better in new apportionment
then in the old apportionment got
kicked in the butt, so much so that the
satire posted below seems most

East Allentown just discovered that PA
Supreme Court in secret decree divided
the 6 East Side precincts in such a way
that the area now has 203 State
representatives ... These precincts of
Allentown 15-1, 15-2, 15-3, 15-4, 14-1,
14-2 now will have the opportunity to
vote for 203 legislators on their ballot.
City Representation --- Julio
Guridy, Ray O'Connell, Peter
Schweyer, Jeff Glazier, Jeanette
Eichenwald, Joe Davis, Cythia
Mota n

County Commissioner District
Three -- David Jones At Large -
Brad Osburne, Steve Ott, Vick
Mazziotti , Lisa Scheller ... No
commissioner lives east of the
Lehigh River

School Board --- Robert Smith the
School Board President lives on
the East Side ... JoAnn Egan Bauer
was born and raised on the East
Side but now lives in the Raub
Middle School Area... Other School
Board Member -- Julie Ambrose,
Ce-Ce Gerlach, David Zimmerman,
Carl Lamb, John Weiss, Carol
Bishop, Scott Armstrong