Pennsylvania Labor
History Society

"Our history has been lost, stolen and strayed from the
truth by many, and it is up to us to preserve it,"
proclaimed union officer John Brennan, one of the
founding leaders of the Pennsylvania Labor History
Society in 1974.

To speak historical truth to today's power structures, the
Pennsylvania Labor History Society organizes an annual
conference to honor labor heroes, significant strikes,
mining disasters, massacres of workers, and
path-breaking labor events by dedicating a Pennsylvania
State Historical and Museum Commission Marker to tell
the story of that individual or event. The Conference also
recognizes current labor leaders by awarding a Mother
Jones Award, William Sylvis Organizing Award, and a
John Brennan Labor Education Award to recognize their
dedication and efforts to make a better life for workers.

A PLHS Journal is published annually.The Journal
reports on the activities of the Society and endeavors to
inspire readers that in order "to promote the general
welfare, happiness, and the common good," one must
join with their co-workers and ORGANIZE!

Rosemary Trump,  former President-PLHS,
PLHS Movies