The following map shows the 14th and 15th
Wards of East Allentown

14th Ward - Colored Blue
15th Ward - Colored Lime Green

East Side Park Facilities --- What they Offer

East Side Reservoir –Pavilions(Capacity 40),
Grills( 1 single), Tables, Rest Room

Keck Park – Ball fields, Basketball, Football ,
Soccer, Handball, Pavilions( capacity 40),
Tables, Trails, Playgrounds, Rest Rooms, No
Grills Provided

Irving Park – Ball fields, Basketball, Tennis,
Soccer, Football, Handball, Playground, Rest
Rooms, Swimming Pool

Kimmets Lock Park – Fishing, Boat Launch

Lehigh Canal Park – Pavilions ( Capacity 70)
Grills (2 single)  , Tables, Trails, Fishing, Rest
Rooms,  Boat Launches
What should East Allentown do?
East Side Parks
Next Meeting ; August 19, 2013
City of Allentown Pool and Building Needs

  • ADA (American with Disabilities Act) code
    requires accessibility update
  • Department of Health Code required
  • Aged facilities (pools and buildings) at the
    threshold of their useful life and need
  • Costly repairs anticipated
  • Current facilities have excellent water
  • Lack of concessions
  • Lack of multi/generational aquatic
    amenities/programs current trends
  • Connection with community through trails
    and parks where applicable
  • Filtration systems are up to date
  • ADA code and accessibility issues
  • Pool Structures and piping are at end of
    their useful life styles
  • Pools require gutter /deck repairs to meet
  • Existing deep water is not deep enough
    for diving boards
  • Security issues throughout
  • Bathhouses and concession buildings
    require upgrades to meet ADA and Health
    Dept Code requirements
  • Facilities require additional site work and
  • Pools are lacking leisure amenities
  • Lack of wayfinding and pool signage
  • Spray Parks are in good condition
  • considerations for enhancement include
    control/security and signage
  • Considerations for addressing these
    needs will involve reviewing the life cycle
    costs along with the cost for
    repairs/maintenance vs operational
Irving Park Swimming Pool Specifics

• Consists of (1) lap pool and deck with  a deep
• Only pool on East Side of Allentown
•  Limited Parking
•  Complete refurbishing of Pool  structure is
recommended if improvements are made
•  ADA accessibility upgrades are required by
•  Need for directional signage