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East Side Fire Station
Sad to say that the East Side Fire House has
been closed .. .The building had become
unsafe to work at inside or outside.  Allentown
Fire Chief Bob Scheirer said that both
equipment and Personnel would be
temporarily transferred to the Hibernia Fire
Station at the Corner of Ridge Avenue and
Tilghman Street in Downtown Allentown.

The neighborhood wants assurances that this
transfer of equipment and personnel would not
be permanent.

The Allentown City Council did allocate $1.75
million dollars for the reconstruction of the
East Side Fire Station at the same location the
corner of E. Green and N. Irving.

The funding would allow the city to rebuild the
station, which has structural deficiencies.

In October 2011, Scherirer told the
neighborhood that Construction would start in
the same location within the next 2-3 months.

We note --- In January, three months had
passed and it appeared that no outward
activity whether it be demolition or
construction had been seen at the site ... And
we note also, the station built in the 50's was
scheduled to be retooled as a 3 Bay station  
as  early as 1987 in a Capital improvement
Budget approved the same year, But
somehow City authorities put that on the back
burner and never did it.

Engineers have told city authorities  that when
the building was first constructed the design
did not allow for property drainage, thus
causing the mold and other problems.

The new station like the proposed 1987 station  
will be a three bay station. There will be two
stories—men will live on the second level.  
The city hopes to put EMS in third bay
During the rush hours of morning and
afternoon they have a truck on the east side so
as to avoid traffic on the bridges.  They are
looking for a location in the interim to keep
trucks on east side for duration.  They have
looked at Bennett, but the doors are a bit
small, having been designed for automobiles.  
They are also looking also at public safety
building on ASH property.  This is being “run
up the flagpole” with the state.  If possible
they will try to find a “permanent, temporary
home” on the East Side for the duration of
construction of the new station.

But in the interim your local fire company
during rush hour may hang out at Wawa's
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The corner of E. Green Street and N. Irving
Street remains vacant. That was the former site
of the East Side firehouse which was torn
down. We were promised in OCTOBER 2011that
the firehouse would be replaced. It is now
November 2012--- we were promised that
reconstruction by now would be in progress. As
of today no construction activities are evident
on that empty lot. The City says that
re-construction is still in bid process. The City
maintaining that bids for the project until now
were too high.

For the East Side of Allentown this is a fine time
for the City to be Cost effective ...  They weren't
so cost effective on the issue of City pensions
an issue that threatened City finances

I trust that people who see this report will shout
out and ask why nothing is apparently
happening here. Surely those who see this
report want the firehouse rebuilt. If you don't ...
We ask, Why are you taking this position? Why
are you sacrificing our community safety? If it is
for tax reasons. Well we pay taxes too. And fire
protection is a service that is better served from
coming from within the community then outside
the community

Funds for the new firehouse was approved
October 11, 2011 ... With re-construction
activities to take place in 2012... At the moment it
appears that this timetable will not be met.
ON March 10, 2012 , EARN Secretary David Schell
wrote the following correspondence to Allentown
Fire Chief Robert C. Scheirer via Email:
On October 17th you were kind enough to visit the
East Allentown   Rittersville Neighborhood meeting
to detail for our members the   planned rebuilding of
the East  Allentown fire station.  At that time   you
indicated that construction was to start on the new
station—the   old one being demolished—in two to
three months, with another six  to  eight months
needed to finish the project, depending on the
mildness   or severity of the winter.

As of next week it will be five months since that
meeting and it   appears that absolutely no progress
has been made on this project.    Certainly none is
visible from the  clear vantage point of my home at   
the corner of East  Tilghman and North Irving Streets.

The next meeting of EARN will be on Monday, March
19th.  I would   appreciate it greatly if you could give
me some information on   progress, if any, that I
could relate to our members at that time.

Specifically, when is construction (or demolition)
expected to   start?  Are we  still expecting to be into
the new facility by   December 2012?  Is there
anything else about the delay or the project  itself
that you would like our members to know?

On Mar 12, 2012, at 8:16 AM, Scheirer, Robert wrote:

We are proceeding and are on schedule, The old
station is currently   be abated for asbestos and lead
paint,  this must be done prior to   demolition. The
design for the new station was just finalized last   
week and the drawings are being prepared. We will
be in the new   station December of this year. The
following is our schedule.

Please   let me know if you have any questions. Also
the  design team has   agreed to meet with all the
East Side groups to answer any questions   and
show the new design. Perhaps we you would be
kind enough to   invite us to your  May meeting for a
full update and design review.

Site Design (4 to 5 months)
              Site Development
Drawings.......21 February 2012 to 21 March 2012
Site Development Dwg ReviewPeriod...... 21   March
2012 to 20 July 2012

Building Design (2 ½ months)      
Schematic Design (Floor Plan/Elevations)..21   Feb.
2012 to 6 Mar. 2012
Design Development /
Construction Documents.....6 March 2012 to 1 May

Building Demolition Documents....6 March 2012 to 3
April  2012
Building Demolition  Bidding.....3 April 2012 to 17
April 2012
Building Demolition Award......20 April 2012
Building Demolition (1 month).....24 April 2012 to 24
May 2012

Third Party Review....1 May 2012 to 10   May 2012

Prepare Bid Packages...10 May 2012 to 16   May 2012

Bidding .....  16 May 2012 to 15 June 2012

Award.......25 June 2012

Construction (5 1/2  months) ......2 July 2012 to 14
December 2012

Occupy  Building........28   December 2012
We can say at this time that the only
structure that might be on that site on
December 28, 2012 would be a plastic
model of a fire station built for a train set