The following map shows the 14th and 15th
Wards of East Allentown

14th Ward - Colored Blue
15th Ward - Colored Lime Green

A Year of Celebration

In 2012 the City of Allentown held a
monumental milestone – its 250th anniversary,
or Sesquicentennial. Like our nation, our city
has grown and changed during its long history.
From a small village along Trout Creek to the
third-largest city in the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, Allentown has evolved from a
small outpost to a major metropolitan hub.
Allentown has always played a significant role
in the history and growth of our nation. We
have been the protectors of the Liberty Bell
and the First Defenders of the Republic. Our
city has a proud history as an industrial and
retail powerhouse that helped build America,
put it on the road, clothed it and helped it
communicate in new and innovative ways.

Even today, as we enter a new millennium, the
City of Allentown remains on the cutting edge
of business and technology; a regional leader
in culture, arts, sports and entertainment; a
proud community eager to build an even
brighter future on a solid past according to our
political leaders. In 1962, our civic and
business leaders came together to create a
memorable Bicentennial Celebration that
included an enriching variety of community
events and commemorative ceremonies that
still live in the memories of those who were
part of that celebration. May the celebrations of
2012 stay  alive in the memories of those who
were part of that celebration.

Meanwhile, Lehigh county’s actual
Bicentennial birthday was on March 6, 2012.
Organizers carried out a two-day community
celebration that took place the weekend of
March 10 and 11 at the Allentown Fairgrounds
Agri-Plex facility. The celebration  involved a
multitude of community groups, churches,
youth organizations and historical societies
with displays, exhibits and cultural
entertainment on the county’s rich history,
which included a variety of ethnic foods and

In recognition of Lehigh County’s own “Fourth
of July” there was fireworks, a short parade
and some entertainment. Organizers sought to
achieve  a star studded event as the
Bicentennial Committee  launched a Lehigh
County Hall of Fame, inducting a class of living
honorees who either were born, worked or
lived at one time in Lehigh County.

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